Friday, September 19, 2008

And here I am, back from the dead

*peeks in*


Why,  hello, everyone! Ehehehe... yeah, I've been gone for a VERY long time, and I'm really regretting the time lost. I was planning to migrate the entire blog into a proper site running on WordPress, or something similar, but... well... it looks like it's become very difficult to oversee such matters when you don't have your own PC or internet connection. Needless to say, plans for acquiring and setting up a proper blog with my own domain name and all will all have to be placed on the back shelf, and quite possibly even completely redrawn and overhauled. 

On the brighter side of things, this should give me a bit more time to acquire the technical know-how for something like this. Also, we'll be moving soon, and the move is expected to free up a good part of our finances which would allow us to buy a new PC or laptop. Also, we'll be moving to a place with an awesome wi-fi connection, so this will translate to more frequent posts, and maybe even put those plans of migrating into action.

Anyway, I haven't been completely idle while I was gone. I've been collecting photos, and composing entries in my head, and rarely does a new restaurant trip go by without me stopping everyone from eating so that the food doesn't get ruined before I can take pictures. I also haven't stopped cooking, or shopping for food. So, yeah. I have a stash of entries which I've been setting aside which I will finally be putting to good use.

There's still a lot of things that I want to change with this blog, and I STILL can't figure out how to "cut" long photo posts, but I'm hoping things would work themselves out. Eventually. ;_;

Again, sorry for the long absence. I hope you missed me. Hehe. :D


Anonymous said...

You were missed. I'm glad your interest in the bento/food blog has not died.

I will be looking forward to your future posts.

ksolaris said...

Thanks so much! It's really nice to hear, and I'm looking forward to being able to update more. ^_^

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