Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reference material!

I want these, but they're expensive... T_T

I particularly want the sushi book because it's got all these sushi combinations and recipes which I've never heard of, like Cream Cheese sushi. HOW CAN I NOT WANT IT??????????


polly said...

hi! i hope you don't mind but i have linked your blog to mine. i'm thinking of setting up a food blog myself. thanks and good luck on your next recipes!

raqueLLe said...

hi! im trying to make a bento myself. yours are really good! lets link up okay?

chispita said...

Sushi with cream cheese inside is pretty good. A good combination is salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, asparagus; and if you want, once you make the maki (before cutting it up) quickly fry it with tempura.

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