Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tamagoyaki pans rock.

Bento that I made shortly after buying my "Love me little. Love me long." and Putifresh bento boxes (check my previous post. ^_^)

Consists of:
- rice with furikake and naruto slice, and shredded kani with a dollop of mayonaise
- tamagoyaki on a bed of greens, and a mushroom/mixed-veggies/cut-up naruto stir-fry (that's a lot of hyphens there...)
- dessert box with banana slices and flower marshmallows.

As the subject of the post suggests, it just finally occured to me to get a tamagoyaki pan, so I picked one up from the 88-peso/100-yen store near our house to try it out. I like it so much since, not only is my fried egg pretty (yes, I'm shallow), I can use it on other small stuff, too, like hotdogs or whatever. Really convenient especially if I'm just cooking for myself since I don't have to lug out the heavier iron pan that I usually use just to cook a small amount of food.

Since I've tested it out on a cheaper (thinner, flimsier) pan, I'm now convinced and I plan to invest in one of those higher-quality tamagoyaki pans which are more expensive, but with better heat distribution and higher sides, since I think I'll be using it a whole lot more now.

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