Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yep, it's my only day off in a week, and how do I spend it? Shopping, ofcourse! Lolz. Well, not really since we're actually still poor. Not broke anymore, but not quite rich just yet. Anyway, I dropped by a different J-grocery in our area a couple of hours ago, and lucky me, today was the last day of a sale where everything was priced at 50 pesos~! They weren't about to expire either. The owner simply thought that it was about time for a sale. Hehehe...

I bought four things that I can't wait to eat! They're mostly the stick-in-the-microwave-and-serve variety, but they're still yummy! One of them is a pack of Okonomiyaki furikake, and though I have no intention of using it on okonomiyaki since I have no room to cook one in, I do have different ideas on how to use it though, so watch out for it. I'm just happy because the stuff that I got normally cost around 120 pesos each at the J-grocery we normally go to.

And curry! We have curry!


Japanese Curry (the non-spicy variety) and Seafood Dria Sauce (shrimp variety).

Microwavable cream... sauce... thingy. Whatever it is, it looks good. XD

Okonomiyaki furikake.

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