Monday, September 04, 2006

I finally managed to get egg molds!

Haha! I was at WalterMart yesterday to meet a buyer for our MTG cards whom I met via eBay. After completing the sale, I figured I'd drop by the grocery and get some supplies. As I was shopping, I decided to drop by their 88-peso houseware bin. I was considering getting a mini-teflon pan that had a flower-shaped mold (flowers... me... I know, I know...), and as I walked around the bin, there it was! The lone pair of egg molds, tucked away in the far corner and covered by other cooking implements. I put the pan back immediately and grabbed the molds, dusty packaging and all. Hehe...

I remember that I went hunting for that pair of egg molds once, and I visited three malls just to try to find it but went home empty-handed. That was months ago. Then, one day, there it was when I wasn't trying to find it! Just sitting there! Needless to say, I'm happy. ^_^

And here they are, and a couple of more egg mold pics + resulting eggs:

Hehe... I'm happy that my first attempts at egg-molding turned out okay, but I'm just a bit sorry that, well, the bunny's and the bear's ears are non-existent. Sigh. The one time that I only got large eggs, and not extra-large ones...

Anyway, I suppose it's not so bad. I still like the fact that at least the faces came out clearly (though my camera refuses to show them...)

I pack three bentos a day now. Two for my and my boyfriend's lunch (which we eat at the office) and one for my dinner (Lem is home by then since my shift starts later than his).


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