Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Err... fences bento?

Rice with nori strips and furikake
Shrimp-flavored Dria sauce + shredded kani + mixed veggies + naruto slices

This is a weird bento since when I made it, I'm pretty sure I had a good reason as to why I cut up the nori in strips. And then, oddly, as I was preparing the bento itself, I realized that I forgot why I did what I did with the nori... O_o;;; So, just so it doesn't go to waste, the only thing I can think of doing was a criss-cross pattern... then I thought it sort of looked like a fence so I added furikake so that it has "ground". I felt like a four-year-old with a marker (ooh... circle... circle... hey, I made an "8"!! Yay!!).

The Dria/Doria sauce (if that's what's it called...), it was my first time to use it since it was just one of the items that I was curious with the last time I went shopping. It tasted good, and my boyfriend said that he'd like more of it in the future. Hmm...

Lolz. Oh well.

As usual, one bento is less lucky and has to settle for corned beef and a random nori pattern...

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