Friday, June 09, 2006

Too much rice!

One of my first few attempts at making onigiri and musubi (I didn't buy the musubi molds)... Earlier attempts were made away from a camera...

Hehe. One thing that I learned about bento-making is that if you make a mistake, you can always just eat it. XD

Just a small lunch for today.
Egg musubi and a bunch of snacks. Namely, choco pretzels which are covered by the bunny choco wafers. Dewberry cookies, and strawberry cream gummies.

The thing is that I made too much rice, so I had to use it all up. I had to use my extra large bento box and make more stuff. It's in the ref right now, waiting to be my dinner when I come home after work.

Top view.


Extra large bento, aka the Boyfriend bento

Top view.

I'm very amused with the heart/star/kuma onigiri molds since it's my first time to use them. haha!

The onigiris are made from rice, salt, tonkatsu sauce and basil. ^_^

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