Wednesday, June 07, 2006

BentoLunch LJ community buttons

I've got no new bentos to post just yet, but I figured I should contribute in any way.

So, I wanted some sort of button on my LJ to announce that I was a member of this community, so I decided to make one. (this post ois xposted there, btw)

In any case, please just take this as my thank you to a wonderful community which inspired me to cook again and has been so amazingly fun. Here's my contribution. I hope someone out there likes it, and please feel free to take them. :p

Disclaimers: Images used in buttons were taken from lazy Google Image and PhotoBucket searhes for "onigiri" and "bento". I sincerely hope that I am not breaking any laws here... Photos used for bento9, bento10, bento11 and bento12 are pics of my own bentos.

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