Friday, June 02, 2006

Bento shopping list

Hi guys.

Since we moved in to our new apartment, I haven't had much time or energy to start cooking again. That is, until I found this community. The thing is, during the move, I had to get rid of stuff since we had no space for them at the time, and alas, it's just now that I've realized that all I have is that obento-bako in my first post. The rest have been sent to my parents' house and given away as presents to the neighborhood kids. T_T

So, I'm thinking of trekking out this weekend and arm myself properly (it's obvious that I just got my salary, ne? hehe...).

Any suggestions as to what I should buy or what I should buy first?

So far, I need to get a new bento box. That's a start. What next? Any suggestions as to where to get them?

I live in San Antonio Village in Makati, and I work at the building at Chino Roces cor Buendia.

I normally shop at the local J grocery called Hacchin, inside the village, near Shopwise:

Other places that I know of are J-wave and the Japan Home (the 88-peso store) in WalterMart, Makati.

What other places am I missing? O_O;;

Oh, and my budget isn't particularly outstanding, by the way. ^_^;;;


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