Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bento 2

Here's my second attempt at a bento, though I have to admit that it isn't much and it's still mostly fried stuff with not much effort involved.

For one thing, I've been kicking myself lately for two things:
- I forgot to buy sauce containers (I am sorely feeling the necessity for it now...)
- I forgot to buy divider/partitions/smaller cups (also sorely feeling the necessity for it now...)

and, tadah!

- I splurged on bento supplies but didn't buy food. *kicks self*

Sigh. Sometimes I miss living in my parents' house... at least the fridge was always stocked. ^_^;;;

And so we make do with more iceberg lettuce and tonkatsu sauce...

Todays lunch consists of rice with nori and cheese (hehe.... the slices aren't even...), curry korokke and kisu fry.

here be boyfriend's lunch, featured in lime green bento with 2 removable partitions with a clear cover...

here be close-up of uneven nori layouts XD

here be my lunch in red urara usagi box

more uneven nori + cheese close ups XD

"his and hers" chopsticks at 60 pesos each.

My boyfriend and I have also now sworn our allegiance to curry korokke.

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