Monday, June 05, 2006

Bento 1

After my last shopping trip, I told myself that I'd be putting the bentos to good use.

In any case, I tried it out, and I particularly enjoyed using the usagi cookie cutter.

K's first attempt after a year of almost-not-cooking! XD XD

On top:
White rice and Usagi-shaped Ma-ling (a local alternative to Spam).

Bottom: (L-R)
Crispy Ma-ling scraps (what's left after the Usagi has been cut out), kwek-kwek (local streetfood which is basically hard-boiled quail eggs that are dipped in a flour batter, then deep-fried) with tonkatsu sauce, and hotdog octopi. All on a bed of salted iceberg lettuce.

Nissin Choco wafers, Blueberry and Strawberry-flavored Dewberry cream cookies, Potchi sugared strawberry cream chews (sort of like gummis...)

I wish I remembered to draw faces on the Usagi cuts. The hotdogs are actually quadrupi since I got lazy and cut only 4 legs. XD XD

(I also prepared the same food in a different bento box for my boyfriend)

Close-up of my bento

My boyfriend's bento

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