Tuesday, June 13, 2006

As inspired by Azumanga Daioh

In today's menu:
(lower section)
plain rice
asparagus wrapped in bacon
(upper section)
naruto slices
mixed vegetables
tonkatsu sauce
a couple of cocktail hotdogs
fried eggplant
not shown - a bed of shredded kani for the upper section.

Hehe... I've been meaning to try the asparagus-bacon thing since I first saw Chiyo-chan's bento in Azumanga Daioh some years back. I just got to do it now. XD

As usual, this bento comes in two versions. One for myself and another for my boyfriend. Mine is in the urara box.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Too much rice!

One of my first few attempts at making onigiri and musubi (I didn't buy the musubi molds)... Earlier attempts were made away from a camera...

Hehe. One thing that I learned about bento-making is that if you make a mistake, you can always just eat it. XD

Just a small lunch for today.
Egg musubi and a bunch of snacks. Namely, choco pretzels which are covered by the bunny choco wafers. Dewberry cookies, and strawberry cream gummies.

The thing is that I made too much rice, so I had to use it all up. I had to use my extra large bento box and make more stuff. It's in the ref right now, waiting to be my dinner when I come home after work.

Top view.


Extra large bento, aka the Boyfriend bento

Top view.

I'm very amused with the heart/star/kuma onigiri molds since it's my first time to use them. haha!

The onigiris are made from rice, salt, tonkatsu sauce and basil. ^_^

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bento 2

Here's my second attempt at a bento, though I have to admit that it isn't much and it's still mostly fried stuff with not much effort involved.

For one thing, I've been kicking myself lately for two things:
- I forgot to buy sauce containers (I am sorely feeling the necessity for it now...)
- I forgot to buy divider/partitions/smaller cups (also sorely feeling the necessity for it now...)

and, tadah!

- I splurged on bento supplies but didn't buy food. *kicks self*

Sigh. Sometimes I miss living in my parents' house... at least the fridge was always stocked. ^_^;;;

And so we make do with more iceberg lettuce and tonkatsu sauce...

Todays lunch consists of rice with nori and cheese (hehe.... the slices aren't even...), curry korokke and kisu fry.

here be boyfriend's lunch, featured in lime green bento with 2 removable partitions with a clear cover...

here be close-up of uneven nori layouts XD

here be my lunch in red urara usagi box

more uneven nori + cheese close ups XD

"his and hers" chopsticks at 60 pesos each.

My boyfriend and I have also now sworn our allegiance to curry korokke.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

BentoLunch LJ community buttons

I've got no new bentos to post just yet, but I figured I should contribute in any way.

So, I wanted some sort of button on my LJ to announce that I was a member of this community, so I decided to make one. (this post ois xposted there, btw)

In any case, please just take this as my thank you to a wonderful community which inspired me to cook again and has been so amazingly fun. Here's my contribution. I hope someone out there likes it, and please feel free to take them. :p

Disclaimers: Images used in buttons were taken from lazy Google Image and PhotoBucket searhes for "onigiri" and "bento". I sincerely hope that I am not breaking any laws here... Photos used for bento9, bento10, bento11 and bento12 are pics of my own bentos.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bento 1

After my last shopping trip, I told myself that I'd be putting the bentos to good use.

In any case, I tried it out, and I particularly enjoyed using the usagi cookie cutter.

K's first attempt after a year of almost-not-cooking! XD XD

On top:
White rice and Usagi-shaped Ma-ling (a local alternative to Spam).

Bottom: (L-R)
Crispy Ma-ling scraps (what's left after the Usagi has been cut out), kwek-kwek (local streetfood which is basically hard-boiled quail eggs that are dipped in a flour batter, then deep-fried) with tonkatsu sauce, and hotdog octopi. All on a bed of salted iceberg lettuce.

Nissin Choco wafers, Blueberry and Strawberry-flavored Dewberry cream cookies, Potchi sugared strawberry cream chews (sort of like gummis...)

I wish I remembered to draw faces on the Usagi cuts. The hotdogs are actually quadrupi since I got lazy and cut only 4 legs. XD XD

(I also prepared the same food in a different bento box for my boyfriend)

Close-up of my bento

My boyfriend's bento

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Results of the shopping trip

Well, as stated in a former post, I went shopping for bento paraphernalia today. It was a pretty good haul, considering the tight budget, and I walked away happy. My one gripe is that I forgot to buy sauce containers and those paper cup-thingies and separators. Guess that'll have to wait for another day. Hehe...

And, here's the swag!

as Shown and numbered in this pic:
1 - lime green bento box with 2 partitions
2 - red bento box with black interior and removable dividers
3 - set of 3 mini-tupperware cases in blue, pink and white (for deserts)
4 - hobby box for storing bento supplies when not in use
5 - Urara bento box (red Usagi)
6 - Urara bento box (tan Sakura)
7 - Extra large bento box with permanent partition (for hungry boyfriends)
8 - a pair of onigiri molds (large and small)
9 - set of 3 onigiri molds (kuma, heart, star)
10 - furoshiki
11 - pair of Usagi cookie cutters
12 - bento bag (matches the Urara Sakura bento box)
13 - elastic band to match red Urara bento box
14 - elastic band to match tan Urara bento box

And all that for less than 1,300 pesos (around US$26.00?)

Onigiri molds

red bento box with removable dividers

Urara bento boxes (for me and my boyfriend) with folded furoshiki

Green bento box with removable containers/dividers, shown with bento bag

Mini-tupperware containers

Extra large bento box. Cellphone included for size reference.

Container for bento supplies (usagi cookie cutters, furoshiki, etc inside)

Another shot of the box

Swag!!! XD

I'll soon be putting these to good use. ^_^V

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bento shopping list

Hi guys.

Since we moved in to our new apartment, I haven't had much time or energy to start cooking again. That is, until I found this community. The thing is, during the move, I had to get rid of stuff since we had no space for them at the time, and alas, it's just now that I've realized that all I have is that obento-bako in my first post. The rest have been sent to my parents' house and given away as presents to the neighborhood kids. T_T

So, I'm thinking of trekking out this weekend and arm myself properly (it's obvious that I just got my salary, ne? hehe...).

Any suggestions as to what I should buy or what I should buy first?

So far, I need to get a new bento box. That's a start. What next? Any suggestions as to where to get them?

I live in San Antonio Village in Makati, and I work at the building at Chino Roces cor Buendia.

I normally shop at the local J grocery called Hacchin, inside the village, near Shopwise:

Other places that I know of are J-wave and the Japan Home (the 88-peso store) in WalterMart, Makati.

What other places am I missing? O_O;;

Oh, and my budget isn't particularly outstanding, by the way. ^_^;;;

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