Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Snack bento

I don't exactly have a well-stocked kitchen at the moment, AND I woke up late, so I had to make do with the random things I had in the fridge.

K's afternoon snack bento is composed of triangle cheese sandwiches with naruto (odd combination, I know...), chips on a bed of woven bread ears, and milk crackers. Sorry for the lack of color. I thought I still had some chocolate crinkles left, but apparently my boyfriend has eaten them all. Hehe. Oh well.

Introductory Post

Hi everyone. :)

I've been making bentos for my boyfriend, but I've never really thought about taking pictures of it until I found this community.

In any case, because of all the pretty food that everyone has been posting photos of, I'm inspired to start cooking and assembling bentos again! I haven't done either in a while due to work and because our current apartment is a bit cramped. Hehe...

Anyway, for lack of a decent bento pic, here's a photo of a three-tier food box (not sure if you can still call it a bento... unless you're packing food for 6 people...) that I bought from a flea market some time last year for 50 pesos (around 1 US dollar). The three layers can be detached from the carrier. The plush toy is just there for the cute factor. ^_^;;

The food container (I'll call it that for now until I get a go signal from someone that it IS considered a bento) was used a few weeks after being bought for my partner's birthday get-together, where all three layers were filled with california maki. Though it can't be seen in the pic, the wasabi that came with the maki were molded into the shape of leaves, with two leaves per tier. (Also, as I just noticed in this pic, one of our guests got impatient and ate one of the maki before I can take a picture...)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

This is an uzumaki naruto (the food item) post

Because of my previous post, I am now compelled to show you what we had for dinner last night... um, without having anything to do with regurgitation...

In any case, this is me having another stupid-happy moment.

Shallow, ain't it? Hehe...

Bow. Exit stage left.
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