Sunday, April 30, 2006

On kitty buns and racoons

Happiness is when after A YEAR, yours and your boyfriend's days off are FINALLY ON THE SAME DAY.

hehe... anyway, that first day when our rest days finally synched was spent walking around and exploring our quaint little village of San Antonio here in Makati.

Our gem of a find was a Japanese grocery a couple of blocks from ShopWise. And mind you, it's not like other Japanese groceries where everything for sale is either canned, bottled or dried and shrink-wrapped. This one is a grocery. It has a produce section, a meat section, a bread section, and at the time that we were there, the delivery bay was open and crates of goods were coming in. And they have cute, small baskets that you can use for shopping.

And our purchase of the day was a pair of chocolate kitty bread buns...

Behold the kitty bread and its fate...

Er... 'til next grocery day...

Oh, and random raccoon pics that I found cute. ^_^

"Hanging Out"

"Who'll Get the First Piece?"

"Green Paws"
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