Thursday, March 23, 2006

About the Blog

Tanuki no Bento began as a result of the author's obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

Basically, one day, K decided that she was too lazy to add tags to her food posts, so she figured that she'd create a LiveJournal account to place them all in, just so they're all in one place. After a while, she decided to try migrating all of her posts to WordPress and BlogSpot and all was good.

A year later, though, after quite a long hiatus which was caused by the demise of her first digital camera (and after her boyfriend showed her the improvements in the Blogger dashboard and the nifty things it can now do), she decided that it was time to put all those posts to good use. So, with the help of her S.O., Tanuki no Bento's layout was completely revamped, thought was actually given to the arrangement of things this time around, and ads were placed in their designated spots.

And all was good.

As for the name of the blog, "Tanuki no Bento" means "Raccoon's Lunchbox" in Japanese (or at least we think it does...). This was derived from one of the petnames that the author's S.O. often uses for her, and no, we won't discuss why he calls her a tanuki in the first place.

Hence, by naming the blog "Tanuki no Bento", the author hopes to be able to share to the world what exactly she had for lunch, and hopefully, the person reading all about it would get hungry and/or inspired enough to get up and also try to cook a meal for him or herself.

~(Written on August 23, 2007)


Oops. I almost forgot.

Blog Design

The images that were used for the layout of this blog are not by me. The header image is something that we Googled up and found at the Grand Hotel Wien. Meanwhile, the little onigiri icons are also not made by me and are actually from a wallpaper made by QueenOfDorks over at DA.

If there are images I have put up here that belong to you, and you would rather that I didn't, please inform me right away and I'll do my best to take it out ASAP.

Likewise, photos that have my watermark are my property, and should be treated as such.

The layout of this blog was made by my S.O., Ian Comandante.
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