Thursday, March 23, 2006

About the Author

The author of Tanuki no Bento, Kristine Cacas, is a 23-year-old undergraduate yuppie who thrives in the grime and chaos that is the Philippines. She is currently living at an apartment in Makati with her boyfriend who loves her very much despite her sporadic temperament and unhealthy adoration for Neil Gaiman.

By day, she pretends to be a corporate travel specialist, and by night, she pretends to be a writer. Anywhere else in between, on weekends and on certain bank holidays, she then pretends that she can cook. In reality though, she is actually a Being of Power (TM) who, with the right amount of worship from the world, plans to make the planet a better place by getting rid of people she doesn't like and promoting the care and protection of cute, furry animals with beady eyes. On the other hand, she has been secretly hoping to qualify as a Corporate Dominatrix (TM), but she apparently has other callings.

Her range of interests vary, and she has been known to love music, anime, video games, comic books, and table-top RPGs. However, it is disputed that she may actually love cooking, eating, writing, and Monty Python more. And popcorn. She loves popcorn.

Her weapons of choice would be crowbars, d20s, Flak Cannons and the now-defunct Ripper. Her battlecry, "GIDDAHH DA MAH WAAAY!!!" has been known to strike fear in the hearts of her enemies (whose current whereabouts are unknown).

She also likes to go around teh interwebs under the handle "ksolaris"... and she hates okra.

~(Written on August 23, 2007)
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