Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dinner at Tokyo Cafe with S.O.

(Originally posted August 8, 2007 in LJ)

Yep, as ruthless as I plan to be with regards to my upcoming corporate conquest (operative phrase: "PLAN TO BE"), I love my days off, too. So, yesterday, it suddenly occured to my boyfriend and I to head to Mall of Asia for the day since we haven't been there for quite a while (don't worry WalterMart, we still love you). I'm quite happy that I agreed to the idea, as the trip turned into a date even though our original plan was just to walk around aimlessly, windowshop and make fun of tourists from afar.

We did all those, too, of course, but I guess the highlight would be that we finally got to try out Tokyo Cafe after eons of saying that we would. It also helped that because my day off falls on a weekday, MOA was relatively uncrowded and we were able to meander along happily without bumping into any potential stress-starters.

Ian and I have been together long enough for him to know just how much I take delight in trying out food establishments that we've never tried before, so I was giddy when he gave me his permission to drag him inside Tokyo Cafe.

He had the Yoshi Burger (Good stuff. Must try the Gyoza Burger next time...), while I had their Chicken a la Pobre (which was really tasty!!). I didn't have rice with my chicken because I wanted to make room for dessert. After all, I couldn't bear to leave without having tried one of their crepes. We had the Very Berry crepe to end the dinner and it was absolutely great! The blueberries weren't too tart, the syrup wasn't too sweet, and the crepe wasn't too soggy. They were also generous with the whipped cream and the ice cream.

The next time that we go there - oh, yes, there will be a next time - we plan to try the Hamburg(er) + Tempura thing that they have, probably one of their pasta dishes, and either another type of crepe or this dessert called Symphony, which, if I remember correctly, is described as something that has layers of ice cream, coffee jelly, whipped cream and also has a shot of espresso to top it off. Mmmmm....

Oh yeah, and the best part about Tokyo Cafe? The meal didn't cost me my spleen, as I first expected, and in fact, they don't even bill you for any service charge, and that's even though I think they should because the waitresses were really polite and attentive. Now that I think about it, eting at Amici's can possibly cost more, and Amici's is more of a self-service type of place to boot.

Anyway, we meandered and mocked a bit more after dinner, before we decided to finally get a ride home. It was a good thing that we skipped seeing a movie, since when we left the mall, it was raining really hard and the taxi line was long (have I mentioned that the monsoon season has begun and it's been raining for two days straight...?). We DID pass by the line for the local movie premiere of Blades of Glory, though, just as the audience was being ushered into one of the theaters. I asked Ian if he'd like to go see the movie as well, but when he saw the movie poster for it, he shuddered and asked for us to move away from the cinemas. ^_^;;; I sorta wanted to go see it, actually. Hehe.

All in all, though, that was a REALLY good day in my book.

Now, back to plotting my conquest.

So here's what imma gonna do...

Again, I apologize for the lack of updates. I've said in my previous post that I'll be actively blogging again, but recently, real life has kinda gotten in the way of that. Sigh.

Anyhoo, all is not lost, though. Talks about getting a proper webhost and migrating this blog are still ongoing, and may actually push through before the year ends. Heck, I may even end up giving it to myself as a Christmas present. So, again, I ask for everyone's patience as I try to navigate through a whole lot of things going on with me right now.

However, I DID say that despite the hiatus, I never stopped taking pictures and I haven't completely stopped making food posts... possibly because I never stopped eating, either. Therefore, I've decided that while I'm working on straightening everything out, I can still share with you all the food trips that I've had while I was away from this blog.

I'll pick up from where I last left off, so if things seem a little old, chances are... it probably is. I'm just seriously hoping that you haven't seen it before. I'll try to make up for it later. Kthxbai. XD
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